Life is a Fractal, Art by Sofia Besondy

I am in awe of the beauty of life’s tapestry; how all of its seemingly chaotic elements come together into an astonishing masterpiece. Through human senses we experience life as a partly random or chaotic phenomena. When we see life as the Creation, however, chaos appears orderly and utterly beautiful. What we thought was random, we now see as a masterful plan, so intricately calibrated we can’t comprehend it fully.

My art represents this view of life. At first glance each piece seems random, meaningless, even chaotic. But as each piece is fully experienced it takes on shape, a meaning, an emotion, an idea, a life.

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How to Buy

Follow these simple instructions for purchasing my art  displayed on this Website, or in physical galleries.

Paying with Venmo

From your Venmo Account

  1. Tap Pay or Request icon
  2. Enter “Sofia-Besondy” (don’t forget the dash)
  3. Enter the amount. Check it for accuracy.
  4. Add note with item’s title and name of store/gallery
  5. Tap Pay
  6. Show the successful transaction to the store/gallery clerk for approval to take the item.

Paying with the PayPal App

  1. Tap Send Money.
  2. Enter [email protected]
  3. Select  Goods and Services and tap Next.
  4. Type the purchase price
  5. Add a Note with the item’s title and name of store/gallery
  6. For Shipping Address selection “none required”
  7. Show the confirmation to the store/gallery clerk
  8. Take the item home with you.

Paying with PayPal from Your Computer

Please use the form on this page to tell us what item(s) you wish to purchase, and your shipping address. We’ll contact you via email to arrange shipping/delivery and set the final price if shipping is required.

For payment we’ll email to you an invoice which can be paid with your PayPal account, or with a credit card through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required.