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Why I’m Telling My Story of Marriage after Divorce

After two divorces, physical abuse, being wrongly jailed, nearly losing my children, and attempting suicide why on earth would I ever consider marriage again?

So reads the first paragraph of my book’s back cover. After reading those words you might be wondering why on earth I could be so crazy as to make this information about myself public in a book sold around the world. The short answer is this: The Holy Spirit told me to write it. However, it’s not that simple (and nothing in my life has been simple, believe me). Here’s the story of why I wrote the book.

After my disastrous second marriage to George my friend, Kelly, prayed for me in a way I had never heard before, being raised Catholic in Mexico. I was impressed with the intimacy of the communication as she spoke to the Lord for me through her prayers. I felt compelled to understand more.

I began going to her church. I started learning who I was as a child of God and how to have a relationship with Him now, not after I die. I took a Bible class to learn for the first time what God said about life. I cannot tell you that this was easy for me. I could not understand the Bible nor did I enjoy reading it. I got more value out of participating in a Bible study class. Eventually the Word started making sense.

At this point, just when I was finally getting it, my friend Kelly told me about a program at the church that she thought would be helpful to my healing. I did not want to go. I was enjoying my class and it was the same day of the week. She said, “Just try it once and if you do not like it you don’t have to go back.” I trusted her so I went. As a result, my life would never be the same, though I didn’t know it then.

In my first meeting, a lady gave her testimony and it inspired me. I just knew right then, for the first time, that I had to do the same—give my testimony to others. The Holy Spirit was at work in me, but I didn’t attribute the little voice in my head to the Spirit.  I pushed that little voice out of my mind.

At the end of the program I knew for certain that I had to give back to others by sharing my testimony. I became one of the leaders of the program. The day of my testimony I began to live by following this passage, “God did not give me a Spirit of fear, but of power, love and self-discipline.” I was very nervous. I had never in my life been behind a podium to speak to a group of people. I had a hard time speaking in the safety of a small group let alone in public. The pastor of the Church came to pray and gave us the Holy Ghost. I knew then that God was with me, empowering me, and speaking through me. At the end of my first talk in public people came to me and asked how long I had been doing this (speaking in public) and how my words had inspired them.

Months later there was a guest speaker who had written a book, I don’t even remember her name, all I remember are her words, “If I stand solid on a rock (God) no matter how strong the waves will hit me, I will not fall down.” The Holy Spirit once more spoke to me and I knew that I had to be a public speaker for God’s glory. But, once again I put this mission out of my mind. I kept telling myself I couldn’t do it.

The Holy Spirit is patient and persistent, thank goodness. As Charles and I started our life together in 2010 we became aware of the miracle at work in our marriage. What was happening was way beyond Charles or me. The closer we studied our situation and life the clearer it became that if it wasn’t for the Lord working with each of us, we would not have met, fell in love, married, and stayed married.

Once again the Holy Spirit spoke telling me to write about what I’ve learned about the glory of God at work in love and marriage. This time I listened and responded. I wrote like I’ve never written before. (Remember, English is my second language). The words flew through my hands to the keyboard. The Spirit had something to say through me. I was a willing vessel.

My mission with the book is to share how the Holy Spirit has guided me to follow God’s plan. Writing a book is something I never wanted to do for myself; I do not like to be the center of attention; I do not like to be recognized or acknowledged. If it was up to me I’d stay in my classroom teaching children how to read and count. Being a teacher was the first act in God’s plan for me. For the second act of His plan, I am honored to have been chosen to speak to you and share His miracles in my life.

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  1. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    I enjoyed the book and cant believe what a strong person Sofia is today. This is really a testatment to the faith and how the Lord will get you thru and you can become a surviver.
    Very eye opening and a good read whether you are married or divorced. Thanks for the inspiration!

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