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Sources of Conflict in Marriage

In this post and a few more to follow I will talk about conflict in a marriage and how to resolve it with the help of our Lord. Much has been written about the source of conflict in marriages: the usual suspects include money, work, children, household chores, personal habits, communication, friends, and sex. Certainly […]

Seeing God’s Plan on October 5

Do you see God’s hand in your life? When you meet a person that has an impact on your life, do you see the encounter as coincidence, or part a plan? When you are presented with a choice, or a fork in the road, do you wonder what His intent is for the choice in […]

Why I’m Telling My Story of Marriage after Divorce

After two divorces, physical abuse, being wrongly jailed, nearly losing my children, and attempting suicide why on earth would I ever consider marriage again? So reads the first paragraph of my book’s back cover. After reading those words you might be wondering why on earth I could be so crazy as to make this information […]