After Two Failed Marriages
and an Attempted Suicide
I Decided to Let
God Take Control . . .

The Result is this Book and
An Extraordinary Marriage

Creating Extraordinary Marriage after Divorce by Sofia Besondy

This book offers hope and valuable information on how . . . to create and nourish a healthy, loving and truly extraordinary relationship.

I hope other struggling couples will find comfort and knowledge from the words of her book, just the way she has.

Sofia will touch your heart with her courageous journey.

This book can make any marriage stronger and provide hope and encouragement for those divorcees who might be ready to try again.

What a gift this book is to other people who may be struggling.

I enjoyed the book and can’t believe what a strong person Sofia is today.

God truly holds this woman in the palm of his hand. Read and learn.

Available Today in Paperback and eBook Versions

Marriage after Divorce by Sofia Besondy

Inspiration, Tools and Tips

This book is both  inspirational and a how-to for creating a fulfilled marriage and maintaining that marriage.

It is the Lord’s plan that you have a loving, supportive, passionate marriage. It’s easy to lose sight of this fact after a divorce. It’s especially difficult to believe after two divorces. My life is testimony to a loving God who gave me free will, protected me from hurting myself, and patiently guided me to the man that was a perfect match for me—after 53 years.

An Extraordinary Marriage
Doesn’t Mean a Perfect Marriage

This is not a book about luck. I was not “lucky” to find Charles. He wasn’t “lucky” to find me. We were put together by our Father who is in Heaven and we were kept together by Him. My book may have a fairy tale ending, but the fairy tale wasn’t easy and it isn’t easy to maintain. We have to work at it every day. This book tells you how.

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Sample Chapter

Contents (100 pages)

SECTION ONE – When I was in Control


SECTION TWO – Letting go and Letting God Control

Finding a Mate
Meeting Mr. Right


Serious Dating
Our Language of Love
Prisoners of the Past
Conflict Resolution
Final Word
Bibliography and References

God Wants You to have a Fulfilled Marriage,
Even After Divorce

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