Following the Lord’s Path to Expressed Living

I am an accredited Life Coach in Austin, Texas with eight years of intense training in the field of personal development and leadership.

Because of my own 20-year journey of growth in which I benefited from counseling, therapy, and faith my heart has been tempered to the point where I can be an  insightful, loving and dedicated coach.

I was born and raised in central Mexico, the youngest of four children. At age 16 I attended a year of boarding school in Minnesota. During that time I learned English.

I returned to Mexico to complete high school and began university studies to earn a degree in architecture. This was augmented by another year of study “abroad” in Minnesota. It was during this time that I fell in love with snow skiing, water skiing, pizza, and America.

Three years later I met my first husband and we were married one year later. I practiced architecture for several years in the Minneapolis area. We moved to Austin in 1986 and  started a family.

When our first child reached kindergarten age I began a teaching career to provide more time to be with my family. My second son was born in 1990.

We divorced in 1995; I remarried in 1999 and divorced, in 2001. (The lessons learned from my two marriages and divorces are chronicled in “Creating an Extraordinary Marriage after Divorce.”  which was published in 2013). marriage after divorce | sofia besondy

The year 2007 was monumental for three major events. I became a U.S. citizen,  was baptized, and met my future husband.

Charles and I were engaged in 2009 and married in 2010.

My oldest son graduated from law school in 2013 and my youngest son graduated from college the same year.

I founded  Expressed Living, LLC in 2012 and retired from teaching in 2014.

Today as a life coach  I help others live an expressed and fulfilled life of purpose, beauty, and joy.